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Story, tale, soul, immortality, resurrection, transformation, a life after death.

Description of this motif: Myths and stories about the immortality of the soul and its rising or transforming into an existence after death.

Example :

But the flowers said, "Thank you, no. We can't live long enough to keep your bed. Tomorrow we shall be dead. Tell little Ida to bury us in the garden, next to her canary bird's grave. Then we shall come up again next summer, more beautiful than ever."

Comment on this quote: This gospel told for children takes place in little Ida's dream. In her dream she elaborates the improvised fairy tale, that the young student told her at day. "Little Ida's Flowers" thus tells us that fantasy, i.e. reading or being told fairy tales may lead to intuitive ways to cope with existential themes, in this case death. In a way, that despite its childishness is very similar with adults' tentative ways to understand and accept death. Both adults and children's way to cope with death requires faith. A fairy tale gives Ida faith. It takes fantasy to believe.