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Mind, soul, way of living, conduct

Description of this motif: Faith is described both from the outside and from within. Seen from the outside faith is described as e.g. churches, mass, monks and nuns, people praying, seen from within faith is a person's piece of mind, hope and faith in God and life and existence.

Example :

"I can walk!" he shouted. "Oh, Lord, my God!" And he cried out of sheer joy.

Comment on this quote: Hans, the cripple, has regained the use of his legs. The cat was about to attack the bird, Hans received as a present from the noble family. In order to save the bird, he had to get out of bed and stand on his legs. The situation induced a miracle. The bird, Hans was given by the noble family, his parents work for, has, as another present from there, a book pf fairytales, caused inner transformations.