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The motif The Holy Spirit is a part of: God

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Spirit, God, trinity, Christianity

Description of this motif:

The Holy Spirit is in Christianity God's power, as it works in the lives of men. In Genesisman gets part of God's spirit, when Adam was given life by his Creator.

In the New Testament The Holy Spirit plays a central role in the life of Jesus: he is conceived by an act of The Holy Spirit; that's how his mother remained a virgin. At hi sbaptism and by his death The Holy Spirit appears.

The Holy Spirit is, according to christian dogmas a part of the trinity, which is constituted by God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.

The trinity and The Holy Spririt were theological matters, on which Andersen and his friend Ingemann didn't agree. The two were in many ways quite congenial and shared some rather unusual theological views, which in several ways didn't converge with the official Danish church. In opposition to Ingemann Andersen couldn't accept the mystical dogma of the trinity, and he never spoke of the Holy Spirit. God was, according to Andersen, one, and Jesus was mere a chosen man. A great man, but a man.

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