Quote from "Chicken Grethe's Family" (1869)

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Twelfth Night came, and Mother Sören lighted for Holberg a candle of the Three Kings – that is, three small tallow candles – which she herself had prepared.

"A candle for each man!" said Holberg.

"Each man?" she exclaimed, and looked at him hard.

"Each of the wise men from the east," Holberg said.

"Oh, that's how you meant it," she said, and sat in silence for a while. But on that evening of the Three Kings, he learned a great deal about her that he had not known.

"You are fond of the man you are wedded to," Holberg said, "yet people tell me he daily mistreated you."

"That concerns no one but me," Mother Sören declared. "The blows would have done me good had they fallen when I was a child. Now they probably fall for my sins. I only know the good he has done me." She stood up straight.

Registered motifs in this quote:

  1. Sin, sinner
  2. Twelfth Night, Epiphany