Quote from "Godfather's Picture Book" (1868)

"What is it that whistles and sings in the Great Belt under the coast of Samsö? A mermaid, with sea-green hair, rises from the sea; she reveals the future to the peasant. A prince shall be born who shall become a great and powerful king."

"He was born in the field, beneath the blossoming whitethorn.

Registered motifs in this quote:

  1. Merman, mermaid
  2. Omen

Keywords: Nature

Comment: King Christian IV is born, cf. Just Mathias Thiele: Danmarks Folkesagn (1843-60, issued by Rosenkilde og Bagger 1968), vol. 1, p. 53ff;. According to Thiele it is a "thornbush". The bush being a whitethorn is Andersen's addition. The whitethorn symbolizes faith.