Quote from "The Child in the Grave" (1859)

Registered motifs in this quote

She could not conceive that he was dead, that he should be laid in a coffin and rest in a dark grave. God would never take her child from her, she thought; when it happened, however, and was a certainty, she cried aloud in her agony, "God had known nothing of this! He has heartless servants here upon earth; they do as they like and pay no heed to the prayers of a mother!"

In her grief she turned from God, and then came dark thoughts, thoughts of death, everlasting death- that human beings became earth in the earth and that all was over.

Registered motifs in this quote:

  1. Coffin
  2. God
  3. Grave
  4. Prayer

Keywords: Mother, child, death, sorrow

Comment: The grieving mother turns from God and into herself. This is why she loses all hope. She also turns from her family, and from this world, in which she has a godgiven place. But she eventually returns to life.