Quote from "The Garden of Paradise" (1839)

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"Tell me," said the Prince, "who is this Princess you've been talking so much about, and just where is the Garden of Eden?"

"Ah, ha!" said the East Wind. "Would you like to go there? Then fly with me tomorrow. I must warn you, though, no man has been there since Adam and Eve. You have read about them in the Bible?"

"Surely," the Prince said.

"After they were driven out, the Garden of Paradise sank deep into the earth, but it kept its warm sunlight, its refreshing air, and all of its glories. The queen of the fairies lives there on the Island of the Blessed, where death never comes and where there is everlasting happiness.

Registered motifs in this quote:

  1. Eternal life
  2. Fairy
  3. The Garden of Eden, the fall of man, the Tree of Knowledge, Adam and Eve

Keywords: The Bible, Adam and Eve, immortality, happiness