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The Daily News 5 April 1875

[leder, uddrag:]
... the poet, who perhaps touches a wider circle of admirers than any other living man of letters. [...]
[...] he has given the world his best already. This best - his admirable stories for children - is known and read by all men, and the poet has aquired what is the only true popularity. He is dear to the children of every European country, and has established his fame in the hearts of future generations. [...]
The races of the North were among those which started best in the literary race [Eddaen og Sagaerne omtales, og det nvnes, hvordan andre lande senere har taget fringen.] Hence a Danish poet like Andersen finds it no easy matter to pass the wall of ice which severs the genius of the North from that of England and France, as Brynhild was guarded from her lovers by the fence of fire. only the fame of Ibsen is vaguely rumoured, only Thorwaldsen is videly known in plastic art. But Hans Andersen , the son of the cobbler of Odensee, is a houshold word, and the creations of his fancy have passed into the great Pantheon where Shakespeare 's poople, and Homer 's and Scott 's, enjoy a life less perishable thant hat of mortal men. [...]
It has been given to Hans Andersen to fashion beings, it may almost be asaid, of a new kind, to breathe life into the toys of childhood, and the forms of antique superstition. The tin sldier, the ugly duckling, the mermaid, the little match girl, are no less real and living in their way than Othello , or Mr. Pickwick, or Helen of Troy. It seems a very humble field in which to work, this of nursery legend and childish fancy. Yet the Danish poet alone, of all who have laboured in it, has succeeded in recovering, and reproducing, the kind of imagination which constructed the old world fairy tales. [...]
It is the speciality of the genius of Hans Andersen that the persons of his stories are as nave and simple as the Sleeping Beauty or as Cinderella [...]
It is only a writer who can write for men that is fit to write for children. [...]
It is a great prize that the Danish poet has won in being the poet and the storyteller of childhood. There are more glorious crowns, but none so innocent or so untarnished as this that binds the white hair of the illustrious Hans Christian Andersen .

HCAs dagbog: 10. april 1875: I Torsdag fik jeg fra B Adler et Nummer af Evening [fejl for Daily] news i London hvor jeg paa det allerdristigste stilles op som den meest lste af alle nu levende Digtere og mine Eventyr gives Plads i det Pantheon hvor Homeer og Schackspear evigt leve.

(Bibliografisk kilde: Bredsdorff p 483)

Udgivet 5. april 1875
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 19625
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