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Howitt's Journal of Literature and Popular Progress. 1847.

P. 8: The Boots [Chapter XIII of part II of "A Poet's Bazaar"]
P. 88: Two Scenes of the Danube,
P. 162: Pegasus and the Post Horses, A Dialogue [Extract of "A Poet's Bazaar"]
p. 170: A Brief Memoir of Jenny Lind (with quotation from letter Brev ).
p. 171-73: The Red Shoes.
P. 200: A Scene on the Danube. The Swineherds
p. 220: Lille Viggo (poem)
P 259: The Soldier (poem)
P 352-56: [autobiography] Memoir of Hans Christian Andersen.

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH 1954/499)

Udgivet 1847
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 15487
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