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Scandinavica 2007. Special Issue on Hans Christian Andersen. New Approaches.

Scandinavica, 46:2, 2007: Special Issue on Hans Christian Andersen. New Approaches (guest editors: Hans-Christian Andersen & Bjarne Thorup Thomsen); s. 131-254. (Indhold: "Introduction", s. 131-32; SVEN HAKON ROSSEL, "Hans Christian Andersen and the Other Arts. The Birth of a Realist", s. 133-54; DAG HEEDE, "The Dead Woman in the Works of Hans Christian Andersen", s. 155-74; BJARNE THORUP THOMSEN, "Contesting the Novel. Andersen and the Challenges of Criticism, with Particular Reference to 'De to Baronesser'", s. 175-94; HANS-CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN, "Ways to the World. Travelling With Andersen Through Published Sources", s. 195-211; TOM LUNDSKR-NIELSEN, "'Love is a Many Splendored Thing'. On the Treatment of Love in Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales", s. 213-35; VIGGO HJRNAGER PEDERSEN, "Andersen for Adults. The Forgotten Stories", s. 237-54.)
Udgivet 2007
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