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H. C. Andersen. Old Problems and New Readings

Sondrup, Steven P. (red.), H. C. Andersen. Old Problems and New Readings . Provo, UT, 2004. vi, 294 pp. (Papers from the Third International Hans Christian Andersen Conference held at Snowbird, Utah, USA, 12-16 June 2000; published by The Hans Christian Andersen Center, The University of Southern Denmark Press, Brigham Young University.) (Indhold: Steven P. Sondrup, "Introduction", pp. 1-6; Nathaniel Kramer, "H. C. Andersen's 'Tante Tandpine' and the Crisis of Representation", pp. 7-32; James Massengale, "Ut Poesis (Picturae) Musica", pp. 33-74; Jacob Bggild, "Ruinous Reflections. On H. C. Andersen's Ambiguous Position Between Romanticism and Modernism", pp. 75-96; Marianne Stecher-Hansen, "H. C. Andersen's 'Historien om en Moder'. Allegory and Symbol in the Danish Golden Age", pp. 97-116; Frank Hugus, "H. C. Andersen Adapts Eugne Scribe for the Danish Stage", pp. 117-44; Kim Andersen, "'Genius'and the Problem og 'Livs-Anskuelse'. Kierkegaard Reading Andersen", pp. 145-60; Johan de Mylius, "The Andersen Legacy. Georg and Edvard Brandes in Dispute on H. C. Andersen", pp. 161-74; Herbert Rowland" "The Image of H. C. Andersen in American Magazines During the Author's Lifetime", pp. 175-98; Inge Lise Rasmussen, "H. C. Andersen. Reminiscence as Image and Echo", pp. 199-214; Niels Ingwersen, "Tall Tales on the Small Screen", pp. 215-34; Aage Jrgensen, "'What Would the Children Say...?' 'The Marsh King's Daughter' Revisited", pp. . 235-58; Annelies van Hees, "The Little Mermaid", pp. 259-70; Kristi Planck Johnson, "The Millennium. Vision Leads to Travel", pp. 271-80; Inger Lise Jensen, "Why Are There So Many Interpretations of H. C. Andersen's 'The Shadow'?", pp. 281-94.)

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