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A Psychological Treatise on Hans Andersen's Fairy Tale 'Thumbelina'

BRUN, GUDRUN & GEORG C., A Psychological Treatise on Hans Andersen's Fairy Tale 'Thumbelina'. I: Georg K. Stürup (red.), Opuscula psychiatrico-neurologica Hjalmaro Helweg sexagenario [..]. Ejnar Munksgaard, København. Pp. 141-49. (= Acta psychiatrica et neurologica XXI:1-3.)

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH)

Udgivet 1946
Sprog: engelsk
Genre: Afhandlinger, artikler, breve etc.
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-litteraturen 1875-1968:1207   Bibliografi-ID: 2777
[Informationer opdateret d. 28.8.2014]

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Adam International Review

Adam International Review nr. 248-49: Andersen Issue.
på omslaget facsimile gengivelse af - med H.C. Andersens egen håndskrift: "Farewell, farewell! said the litle swallow and flew again fort from the warm countries, far, far away, to Denmark ther it had little nest above the window of a room in wich dwelt a poet, who can tell tales; for him it sang: - qui'vit, quivit! all is good and beautiful in England!" - "I know that" answered the poet. - H.C. Andersen [English extract of Thumbelina]
Indeholder nr. 1600 , 1603 , 1605 og 1634 ovf., samt: Miron Grindea, The Triumphant Ugly Duckling, pp. 2-8; Jacques de Lacretelle, Magie et Réalité, pp. 15-16; p. 30: Two Brown Eyes. Jutland. Pp. 31-34: Letters from and about England, endvidere mindre bidrag af Jean Cocteau, Jules Supervielle og C. A. Trypanis og oversatte tekster af HCA.

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH 1976/39, fr.: 1978/17)

Udgivet 1955
Sprog: engelsk, fransk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-litteraturen 1875-1968:1677   Bibliografi-ID: 3300
[Informationer opdateret d. 4.9.2014]

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Thumbelina and Other Fairy Tales.

Thumbelina and Other Fairy Tales. Introduced by ISAK DINESEN. Illustrated by SANDRO NARDINI and UGO FONTANA. Macmillan, New York and London. vi, (3-)44 pp.
Indledning pp. iii-v.

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH 1962/21)

Udgivet 1962
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-litteraturen 1875-1968:1988   Bibliografi-ID: 3661
[Informationer opdateret d. 27.12.2011]

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