Dato: 16. maj 1848
Fra: Joseph Durham   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

6 North Crescent, Bedford Square, London.

My Dear Friend,

The Steamer Neva will bring to you the two Cases containing your own Bust, and that of Jenny Lind, also this letter bearing my ardent wish, that in long, long years to come you may hold life, happiness, and health, that the possessions of them may be a satisfaction to you, and by good blessing, the contemplation of them shall never recall feelings with respect to myself, other than such as shall be pleasurable to you.

I read your delightful letter in the "Literary Gaz." and it has been widely quoted into other papers, I cannot think it right England should allow you to struggle unaided, and such, I as sure you, is the honest opinion here of every honest heart, oh, for the fulfilment of the poet's prayer

"Lord let all nations see

that men should brothers be

the wide world o'er."

I have seen Jenny Lind each time she has appeared, if it were not sinning I would call her an Angel. I have not personally had an interview with her though I should very much like - but, I know I very much want what the world calls business habits, though to my mind it seems presuming, I always fear it may be thought that I am presuming, that idea is ever uppermost in my mind, and upon all occasions.

And hence it is, I believe, that Count Reventlow is not sitting, I fear to go and ask him, if war should cease, I then will ask him, for to be told that I intrude, would be more hurtful than the not having it could ever be, again trusting the contents of the cases may be acceptable to you,

- believe me to be, Yours Faithfully,

Joseph Durham.

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