Dato: 21. marts 1848
Fra: H.C. Andersen   Til: Richard Bentley
Sprog: engelsk.


Copenhagen 21 Marts 1848

Dear Friend!

Since I last received your kind letter, you know that I have lost my beloved King, - that loss has sincerely and deeply affected me. To day I have but a friendly greeting to send you, and to inform you hat my new work is ready; I am now going through the last part a second time, and I suppose the whole will make about thirty sheets, like the Improvisatore, but that we shall be better able to judge of afterwards.

Next week we shall begin the English translation, and would now ask you if you will have every single part sent, as soon as it is ready - it will certainly be the best? At what time must you have the last part, so that the book could be published about the middle of Juli. I would wish that it could appear at that time in England, as it is a good time - and I could then, after our arrangement, let it appear in Danish six weeks afterwards - namely in September, as it is my present plan, after this is done, to travel to Italy and perhaps Spain.

With respect to the remuneration for the "tales" (the old house &&) about which you ask me where you shall pay it, it will certainly be most convenient to remit it to old Mr. Hambro.

Let me hear that you are well and that you and yours have me in kind remembrance. Be pleased to give my most sincere regards to them all, as sincere as from a friend and brother.

Yours truly attached

Hans Christian Andersen

Tekst fra: Solveig Brunholm (Topsøe fotokopi)