Dato: 6. juli 1847
Fra: William Allingham   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Norfolk Hotel, Surrey St., Strand. Tuesday Mg. [6th July, 1847.]


I took the liberty yesterday of accosting you at the door of your Hotel. - I wished to say to you that I am from the farthest comer of lreland, nearly 500 miles from London, - a place where there are few books, and no booksellers, - yet that even there your books are well known and loved. - One of my friends writes me, only three days ago - "what you shall bring me from London is Andersen's Life by Mrs Howitt" -

And so, when I found that you yourself were in London, and thought how glad every one would be when I went back to Ireland, to hear that I had actually seen you, and spoken to you, -, I determined, after much hesitation, to take the liberty of calling on you - I greatly fear, without sufficient excuse - for the excuse of admiration is, in this case, so general as to become none at all.

If I were able to stay much longer in London, I might probably be able to gain a more regular introduction to you. - Mr Leigh Hunt, one of our Poets, whom I have the happiness to call friend, tells me that he has been invited to meet you at a dinner-party this day. If you should chance to converse with him, and could remember possibly, to mention my name to him, - I am sure he would tell you that my feeling for Literature and for Poetry, is at least a true thing.

Before I end, I must say that I hope you will visit Ireland - England is fine - but both the country and the people are flat compared with Ireland. Ireland has more mountains and more valleys - both in scenery and in character. - If you should visit us - and if I should in any way be able to assist you - I would consider it the greatest honour of my life -

I am, with respect and esteem, most sincerely yours

Wm. Allingham.

(I should add, however, that I am neither rich nor influential.


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