Dato: 2. juli 1847
Fra: Mary Howitt   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Clapton. July 2 1847

My dear Sir,

Thank you for your Danish letter - I shall write to you in English for the same reason that you write in your own language to me. We were very sorry not to see you here this morning; my children were quite in a state of excitement and had collected all your stories in English, German and Danish to show you - they long to tell you how mueh pleasure you have given them.

Dear friend, with regard to coming to us, let it be as soon as you can because the longer you stay in London the greater will be the demand on your time. However, we hope to see you some day soon for a passing visit - and to spend some days with us the week atter next. Cannot you come to us from Monday the 12th to Thursday the 15th or any other days you like better. With us you shall have a kind, affectionate home and shall meet with those whose greatest happiness it will be to contribute to your pleasure and comfort. And if you at any time are ill and want nursing or the care of quiet and kind friends, then hasten to us, and you shall feel yourself as if among your own people.

What you say about the money matters is very good. I too hate bargain-making - nor would I have mentioned the money the other moming but I wanted that the English translation should be as much secured to you as possible and I thought that this would give you pleasure.

My husband came home last night, two days earlier than we expected, which made us all very happy. He thinks it much better that Mr Hambro should see him about the translations, he will thoroughly understand what is right, and I hope the arrangement will be made agreeable to all parties. And believe me, dear Sir, Yours very sincerely,

Mary Howitt

I have written this letter very plainly that you may read it without difficulty.

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