Dato: 22. maj 1857
Fra: Charles Dickens   Til: James White
Sprog: engelsk.

Tavistock House, friday, May 22nd, 1857.

My dear White,

[...] We purpose going to gad's Hill for the summer on the 1st of June; as, apart from the master's eye being necessary ornament to the spot, I clearly see that the workmen yet lingering in the yard must be squeezed out by bodily pressure,or they will never go. How will this suit you and yours? If you will come down, we can take you all in, on your way north; that is to say, we shall have that ample verge and room enough, until about the eight; when Hans Christian Andersen (who has been 'coming' for about three years) will come for a fortnight's stay in England. I shall like you to see the little old-fashioned palce. It strikes me as being comfortable. [...]

Believe me, ever affectionately yours

Charles Dickens

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