Dato: 13. juli 1847
Fra: Mary Howitt   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Clapton. Tuesday [July 13, 1847].

My dear Mr. Andersen,

When you have read the Autobiography through I shall be very glad to know how you are satisfied with the translation, and if in any respect you think I have not fully given your meaning be so good as to mark such passages in one of the copies that you have, and they will be corrected in the next edition.

I cannot tell you the effect of your visit on us on Sunday. I was myself quite in a state of excitement, and I was quite unhappy in the fear that we had all talked too much and wearied you. I wish so much only to do you good and, to make yon happy and at home among us, and instead of your being benefited by our country air, I feared you were fatigued and overdone. When next you come you shall only rest you shall lie on the sofa and sleep or dream poetic dreams - and you really shall leave us refreshed and strengthened for the wear and tear of your London life.

Do not forget to send me that lovely poem - which you read to us the echo of it has been in my soul ever since, and I long to give it an English dress. - I feel it a happiness and I have a pride in it, that I am able to translate your works, not only literally correct, but in the spirit in which they are written. I am so intimate with your works, and those works are so completely a reflection of your own inner life, that none understand you better than 1 do.

Let us know how you are, and think of us only as your friends as friends who have known and loved you long, and do not let misunderstandings rise between us.

I am, dear Mr. Andersen. Yours very truly,

Mary Howitt.

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