Dato: 18. april 1872
Fra: Rebecca Spring, f. Buffum   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Eagleswood, Perth Amboy, N.J. April 18th 1872.

My dear mr. Andersen

We sit and read your books instead of thanking you for them. There is a quiet - deep in O.T. My daughter is reading the "Story of my Life". and Marcus "The Poet's Bazar". The other six vols smile upon us from the book shelves. These old friends, in New dresses, have been joyfully welcomed in our home.

I wish, dear friend, that you were now sitting by the window opening upon the Piazza lawn, and lovely Bay where the waves dance, and laugh in he sun. Then we would tell you how your travles have brought-back our own. We lived six months in a villa on the Coteau de Jurancon - the first reprising of the Pyranees, and we visited all the places where you went, in the lovely South of France.

We would gladly have shared with you the good / things which went on the shoulders of a strong man up Mount Vesuvius. Our dining room walls were lava-illuminated by constant irruptions of fire - our music the rushing of red hot stones down the sides of the cone. Also we saw the fiery watch tower from our balconies every evening in Naples.

Yes - we should have much to talk about.

Why are you so far away! If you had only come with dear Fredrika Bremer - but then there would have been too great slaughter of lions. If you come, we will hide you in our home, as we did Fredrika, and not let you be killed with kindness.

I wish the Danish people had been kinder to you, for one cannot read the otherwise delicious "Story of my Life" without being very angry at their cruelty. But you did not belong alone to Denmark - and they drove you from them that you might take your true place in the hearts of all people. /

Still,we must forgive them, for they know at last; and honor you, the love Collin, and all his family, and all who have been good to you, especially the King, and the queen Caroline Amelia. Whom we saw so pleasantly, and who was Frederika's friend. I have in a book the flowers she gave me - as well as the dry leaves you gathered for me from Thorvaldsen's grave - that happy day wen you & Fredrika and Marcus and I visited the Museum. You still connect our hearts with the North - in Sweden our North star has set and but for you it would be dark up there to us. If you come to America our home must be yours - or one of yours. And we can show you some things which you have not deeamed of in your philosophy; or had not, - when you wrote "O.T." "No large reader, let her be ever so amiable, has experienced or ever will experience in this World"! We will show you Bossa college for girls, and Cornell where there are lady students. In Ohio - Oberlin, / and in almost all the Northern States women can be students in Colleges! In these days it is not - safe to say - "It will never be", of anything.

My father was the president of the first Anti- Slavery Soc. in America - now we liv - thank God in a free land! - Often he was told his Work was in vain - that slavery could never be abolished - and his precious life has been in Danger from the fiery of the slave proven.

Thank God, it is broken.

My father [Arnold Buffum] was welcomed in England as the American philantropist, by such people aa Wm Wilberface, Tomas Clarkson, Sir Jo. Lushington, Lord Brogham, Elisabeth Fry. Yes, there are noble souls, and noble work is done in this dear world of ours.

Hold on to life dear friend. Go not away while Marcus and I live - and if we do not have the happines of seeing you here, we will greet you on the Heaven side - Farewell.

Affectionantely your friend.

Rebecca Spring.

[langs kanten side 3:]

If you ever see him wil you remember us to Mr Grimur Thomsen. To Mr & Mrs. Jerrold I do not know the name the artist I mean, also Mr. Bison, Mr. Bournonville who gave us so much ..... we shall never forget our happy days in Denmark.

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