Dato: 21. april 1871
Fra: Anna Mary Livingstone   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Ulva Cottage, Hamilton, Scotland. April 21 1871.

My dear Hans Andersen

Thank you so much for the delightful book you sent me, by my sister Agnes, it was so kind of you to do it, and it is so interesting. I liked the story of "The Travelling Companion" and the one about "The Goloshes of Fortune" the people who wore them always got into such plights.

I have had a cold but it is getting better now.

It has been so cold here that we felt almost as if it were winter again.

I was at the Pantomime in the Theatre Royal, Glasgow, it was "Sinbad the Sailor". I enjoyed it very much, it was the first Pantomime lever was at, there was one time the Clown saw a man it was a policeman standing looking into the sidebox on the left hand of the stage, so he took a long thing that bakers use to take out the bread out of the oven, and was going to dash it at the policeman in the box, when, instead of hitting him he hit the Panteloon who was standing behind him, by mistake, at least as if by mistake, then I could not keep grave and I laughed outright it was so amusing and I laughed almost the whole time at different things. O! dear I never saw anything acted before that was so amusing.

My sister Agnes is in Kent, in England, just now.

Things are looking very springlike just now. I do wish you could come to Scotland just now it is so nice.

Papa is long in coming home perhaps if he had come I might have got to see you and that would have been so nice.

I go every year down to the seaside, we have gone to Carradale in Argyle for two years but this year we think we shall go to Torrisdale just about 3 miles from Carradale or perhaps 4 Miles, I am wearying so for June to come for that is the month we go

I have got an aunt and cousin from America but they have gone off to the Bridge of Allan in Stirlingshire with my uncle. I shall have to say Goodbye now, dear Hans Andersen I remain your most affectionate and most loving little friend

Anna Mary Livingstone.

P. S. I should like so much to get a letter from you if you are able to find time. I send you a little flower from Scotland just to let you see that I love you so much


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