Dato: 20. oktober 1869
Fra: Anna Mary Livingstone   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Ulva Cottage, Hamilton, Scotland. October 20th 1869.

My dear Hans C. Andersen

It is a very long time since I have written to you but I am writing to you now and that is so much is it not? I was so delighted to get your letter and when I got your card I looked at it and thought that I had got acquainted with a gentleman whom I would like very much I thank you very much for the "Translation" for, without it I could not understand your letter and then I would not have been able to answer any of the. questions you asked me. We gat news twice about papa but none of them was true but last Friday our station master who knows us came up with a paper that had news. The good news and Oh we were so delighted. I saw the story of "Vaenoe and Glaenoe" I thought it very pretty and I hope you will write some more. The first that I ever read was "Maja" or Little Thumb Thomas and Oswell my brothers and Agnes my sister are quite well Only my mamma is dead and I have two Aunts Janet and Agnes Livingstone with whom my home is it is a very nice home. I once had a Grandmamma Livingstone but she is dead now. Please could you tell me if you know the Swedish language tell me in your next letter if you do with my best love to all at your home I remain your most affectionate littie friend

Anna Mary Livingstone

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