Dato: 4. september 1868
Fra: Allen Brothers   Til: H.C. Andersen

{fra Bredsdorffs bog:]

et amerikansk forlag, der med en forbavsende frejdighed simpelthen opgav digteren en halv snes titler p eventyr, som de bad ham om at skrive!

de erklrer sig villige til at trykke "six or more books for the Young in the style of Little Ellie, ugly Duck etc., or four or five volumes like What the Moon Saw, only not quite so long". [...] We wish something entirely new and Unique either of a Fairy matter or upon topics named. The following are in our opinion good titles: Right is Might - Seek and Find - Run and Win - Dare and Do - Strive and Wi - Think and Speak - Studious and Wise - Persevere and Conquer - Seek and Find - etc. etc.

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