Dato: 10. marts 1866
Fra: Henry W. Longfellow   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Cambridge near Boston

March 10, 1866.

My Dear Sir,

May I so far trust in the magnetism of literary sympathy as to present the bearer, W. Charles G. Falls, a student in our University, who is obliged to leave his studies for a while, on account of his health.

I should not like to have / him pass through Copenhagen without calling to pay is respects to you.

He brings you my last volume of Poems, which I beg you accept as a mark of sincere regard and admiration.

I remain, my Dear Sir,

Yours truly

Henry W. Longfellow

Hans Christian Andersen Esq.

Tekst fra: Solveig Brunholm (LP 443, billed 7173-74)