Dato: 2. december 1859
Fra: George J. Stephens   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Cheapinghaven, Gamle Kongevei. Dec. 2. 1859.

My dear Sir!

A correspondent in England, who is studying Danish and Danish authors has just sent me a long list of questions and difficulties. One of this is: "10th. There is a work of Andersen's translated into English under the title of "To be or not to be". In it Andersen confines something to "The Rose of Hell", and another thing to "The Rose of Heaven". I cannot tell what he refers to by that. Possibly to some "Folke-eventyr" or some poetical tale - can you enlighten me?"

The author himself is the best guide and authority. li you will kindly forward me your own explanation, I will take care to make it known to my correspondent in London.

With great respect

Yours very truly

George Stephens.

P. S. The answer can be sent either to me direct or care of "Iversenske Boghandel"

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