Dato: 22. oktober 1851
Fra: Richard Bentley   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

New Burlington Street. Dct. 22, 1851.

My dear Friend,

your letter of the 3rd inst. was very acceptable to all around me. I had some idea that our Glass Palace would have tempted you to pay us another visit; and indeed such a visit would have been very deligtful to the host of friends you have in Old England. Though delayed, I do expect to see you again and shake you cordially by the hand. With regard to your book, I think, considering how every book may be said to have been in a manner ruined by the monster nuisance, as I call it, I repeat I think your book was pretty well received. The details I give on the other side. I hope, in a cheap form, that the book will go on to sell.

This news I hope will induce you to give us the results of your last trip, with the wild and peculiar legends of the country.

By the by, perhaps, you may be able to aid me in the discovery of a most important document, which is said by Br]onsted to be in the private library of the King of Denmark, I mean the second Confession of Bothwell, in which he confesses that he violated the person of Mary Queen of Scots. This interesting and important Fact, it is of vast consequence to ascertain clearly. No person better than yourself could be pitched upon to ascertain this. I have just published Mignet's Life of the Scottish Queen, and this new fact I should very much like to give.

I send you a "Whale". Don't be alarmed! It is not a live Whale; nor a stuffed one - but a book full of good stuff - Mr. Herman Melville's "Whale". God bless you! All around me send their best remembrances to you, and accept the sincere friendship of

yours always,

Richard Bentley.

Pictures of Sweden

500 copies, nearly all sold. When disposed of will yield you about 25. The critiques on yr. book shall be sent with the Whale I promised you.

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