Dato: 9. april 1875
Fra: Edward S. Tompkins   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Baltimore. U. S. A. April 9, 1875.

Dear Mr. Hans Anderson,

I am only a little boy, and I live far away from you in the United States, down in Maryland, but when I stand in the evening and watch the great white moon salling through the c1ouds, and remember the wonderful things she has seen and told you of, I think I must write to you to tell you how we little children love and thank you forthe beautiful stories of "What the Moon saw", and the "Marsh-King's daughter", and the "Storks" and all the other tales we love so mueh. And dear Mr. Hans Anderson, wont you please write me a little answer, just a few words, so that when I grow to be a man and the little children gather round me to listen to your dear stories, I can show, it to them and say, "the great Hans Anderson who has told you these stories wrote this to me when I was a little boy". If you have not time to write me a wee letter, wont yon please send me your autograph so that I can keep it all my life. I hope God will spare your life many years to make our little hearts glad.

With great respect Your little friend

Edward S. Tompkins.

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