Dato: 21. maj 1861
Fra: Elizabeth Moulton Barrett Browning   Til: W.M. Thackeray
Sprog: engelsk.

Rome, 126 Via Felice [May 21, 1861].

Dear Mr. Thackeray,

I hope you received my note and last poem. I hope still more earnestly that you won't think I am putting my spite against your chastening hand into a presumptuous and troublesome fluency.

But Hans Christian Andersen is here, charming us all, and not least the children. So I wrote these verses - not for 'Cornhill' this month, of course - though I send them now that they may lie over at your service (if you are so pleased) for some other month of the summer.

We go to Florence on the first of June, and lo! here is the twenty first of May.

With love to dear Annie and Minny,

I remain, most truly yours,

Elisabeth Barrett Browning

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