From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Death of Oehlenschlger
Succes at the Casino Theatre

1850: Death of Oehlenschlger

7 January

Release of En Nat i Roskilde. (One Night in Roskilde. Vaudeville-Comedy in one Act. Adapted from Warin and Lefevre's 'une chambre deux lits'. (French title: A Room with Two Beds).

20 January

Oehlenschlger dies at eleven pm, "approximately the same time (and day) as Christian VIII" (cf the almanac).

26 January

HCA's dirge (song of mourning), "Farvel, Du strste Skjald i Norden" (Farewell Thou Greatest of Nordic Poets), with music by Weyse is sung when the funeral procession makes a halt at Oehlenschlger's place of birth in Vesterbrogade. The song is published in the newspaper Berlingske Tidende on the same day, as well as in Fdrelandet and Kjbenhavnsposten.

1850: Succes at the Casino Theatre

2 February

Donna Drewsen and Henrik Stampe are married.

1 March

First performance of Ole Lukie. Eventyr-Comedie i tre Acter (Willie Winkie. Romantic Comedy in Three Acts). H.C. Lumbye, musician at Casino, had composed music for the play, but it was never performed with Lumbye's music.
This play was the first original composition written for the private theatre. As for the reception of the play, HCA says in Mit Livs Eventyr (The Fairy Tale of My Life):

"The play continued for many evenings, drew in large numbers and was greatly esteemed by the people, the common man, as one calls those who are poor; from them I harvested an appreciation greater than that which could be given by any magazine critic or dialectic 'would-be philosopher' [a reference to supporters of the Heiberg-Hegelian school]. One evening towards the end of the play, a poor craftsman stood with tears in his eyes, and as we walked out of the door together, he reached for my hand and said: "Thank you, Poet Mr Andersen, it was a wonderful comedy!" Those words meant more to me than the best of reviews".

In a time of war, the play advocated a simple and comforting philosophy: "Health and cheerfulness in addition/ that's the worthiest treasure you can get".
The song "Hvor Skoven dog er frisk og stor" (How refreshing and great the woods are) originates from the play and became immensely popular.
The play was no less of a crowd-pleaser due to a renowned Spanish dancer named Pepita, who performed some of the dances.
The popularity of the play caused Erik Bgh and Kristian Arentzen to write a parody: Mer end nok eller Ole Lukie. (More than Enough or Willie Winkie)

HCA's Ole Lukie (Willie Winkie) was performed a total of 117 times at Casino.

5 March

"Danmark, mit Fdreland" (Denmark, My Native Land) is printed in the newspaper 'Fdrelandet' (The Fatherland).

8 March

Ole Lukie (Willie Winkie) is released as a book.

13 March

Release (as a book) of the play: Den nye Barselsstue. Originalt Lystspil i een Act (The New Lying- in Room).

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