From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


3 October

Performance at Casino of the play: Meer end Perler og Guld. Eventyr-Comedie i fire Acter. Fri Bearbejdelse efter F. Raimund og 'Tusind og een Nat' (More than Pearls and Gold. Romantic Comedy in Four Acts. Adapted from F. Raimund and '1001 Nights'). The production is a great success. Up till 1888 it was performed 162 times. HCA comments on this in Mit Livs Eventyr (The Fairy Tale of My Life):

"It is safe to say that this play brought the Casino theatre into good credit. All classes of people came to see it, from the most distinguished to poorest. The Casino seats 2,500 people, and for a number of performances, one right after the other, all the tickets were sold out. This was therefore a great source of joy for me, as well as recognition".

HCA had stipulated that his fee would be 100 rdl. (which would be equal to at least 10.000 Dkr. in 1993 value). He later receives 100 rdl. more, as the play drew "full house" (Mit Livs Eventyr (The Fairy Tale of My Life)).One should, in this regard, recall that the provincial theatres did not pay writers for their work at this time. Only the Royal Theatre did so. HCA now begins a close co-operation with Casino, both as consultant and as writer of popular plays. At Casino he enjoys the kind of success which he had so often lacked at the Royal Theatre. Furthermore, he now gains a good source of income. He also takes part in the preparation of the production of his plays at Casino and in addition, he becomes a member of the shareholders' committee. In the next few years, HCA has a free pass to Casino every night of the week.

13 October

Meer end Perler og Guld (More than Pearls and Gold) is released as a book.

14 November

Participates with the song "Poesien" (The Poetic) at a gathering arranged to celebrate the 70th birthday of Adam Oehlenschläger, held at the Royal Rifle Range.

27 November

Dinner party held by HCA's friend from youth, Ernst Bilsted, owner of the country seat Høvdingsgaard.

"I had planned to stay home today, but an old friend from my student days, the young landowner Bildsted, who I have promised to visit for the last twenty years, we spoke on the street, wrote to me yesterday so nicely about breaking the ice by inviting me to dinner at his home today, and so I had to go [...] it was a great party, they were so kind to me, and I spoke at length with Professor Nielsen, the philosopher and son of a farmer [Rasmus Nielsen], who I find very interesting"
(letter to Jette Wulff dated 27th November).


Christmas visit to Bregentved Estate.

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