From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


2 July

Release of Mary Howitt's translation (from German) of the autobiography: The True Story of My Life. HCA had given it to her free of charge for translation, but she urges him to pay a fee of 10 pounds. She even makes a public notification of this offer, in order to obligate him. This spurs HCA to seek other options.
During the stay, HCA negotiates with Mary Howitt as well as with Bentley regarding the rights to and fees for future translations. Mary Howitt offers him 10 pounds per 16 page sheet, when the edition involves 3000 copies, and the same for reprinted editions. As HCA does not feel quite sure about Mary Howitt and does not care for the way she puts pressure on him, he finally decides to accept Bentley's offer for the same amount. Bentley had originally offered 5 pounds per sheet, on the condition that HCA pay the translation fees himself, before delivery (Mary Howitt, on the other hand, would have arranged translation herself). HCA feels that Bentley is the most reliable and expects a net profit of 2000 rdl.

16 July

Meets Dickens, (the diary: "as we spoke on the verandah, tears came to my eyes"). Stays for about a week with his banker, Joseph Hambro, at his country home (17th - 23rd July), where HCA is able to work on his novel. Disputes with Mary Howitt occur at this time. Poses for the sculptor Joseph Durham (28th July - 2nd August, "my bust is like my soul", diary 2nd August). Durham has also made a bust of Jenny Lind, which of course is what HCA finds so fascinating about this project: "We two pendant" (i.e. what a pair we are) (diary, 28th July).

10 August

Departure from London to York by train and on to Edinburgh. Stays with C.J. Hambro outside Edinburgh in Trinity from 11th - 19th August. Is invited to visit the queen and Prince Albert at Loch Logan, but replies that he is unable to come. Feels quite aggravated that the Scottish papers claim, all the same, that HCA had visited Prince Albert. Goes on an outing to the Scottish Highlands (above Loch Cathryn and Loch Lomond to Dumbarton, returning via Glasgow) 19th - 24th August. Along the way he meets several people who recognize him from pictures. Is back in London on the 26th.

HCA sums up his impressions of London in Mit Livs Eventyr (The Fairy Tale of My Life) with the following words: ""the high life" and "poverty", these are the two poles in my memories".

29 August

Departure from London to Ramsgate (visiting his publisher Richard Bentley en route, at Seven Oaks). Goes on an outing while at Ramsgate (30th August) to Broadstairs, where Dickens and his family live in a hotel. During his stay in London, HCA had received from Dickens a beautiful edition of his works, with a dedication to HCA from "his friend and admirer C D" (the diary, 1st August).
Dickens goes to Ramsgate to see HCA off as he boards the steam-ship bound for Ostende on 30th August.
Travels via Cologne and Frankfurt to Weimar (arriving 7th September). Meets Eckermann once more. Stays at Ettersburg Castle from 8th - 11th September with the hereditary grand duke. Departure on 12th August from Weimar (the hereditary grand duke rides from Ettersburg Castle to see HCA off). In Leipzig, where HCA mainly proof-reads with Lorck, he also sees Brockhaus and Gade. Departs from Leipzig on 17th September, travelling via Braunschweig, Hamburg/Altona and Kiel to Copenhagen.

23 September

Back in Copenhagen.

26 September

The evening is spent with the king and queen at Sorgenfri Castle.

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