From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:



A new German translation of Bilderbuch ohne Bilder (Picture Book without Pictures) is done by G. von Leinburg (Frankfurt).

2 July

Leaves Nîmes, headed for Cette. Takes the steamship and tugboat from there to Bezier and the stagecoach to Narbonne, then to Vernet via Perpignan. Stays in Vernet from 7th-13th July, going on walks from here to the town Castel. Returns by the same route, then takes the train from Cette to Montpellier and Nîmes and finally the stagecoach to Avignon. Leaves Avignon on 20th July bound for Valence and takes the steamship along the river Rhône to Lyon (where he continues writing the biography). Departs Lyon on 25th July headed for Geneva. Takes the steamship to Vevey, drives to Chillon and travels by stagecoach via Fribourg to Bern (arriving 30th July). Goes on outings near Bern and continues work on the biography here. Continues to Basel (3rd August), by train to Strasbourg and by steamship to Mainz. Carries on to St. Goar, returning again to Mainz and taking the train to Frankfurt (arrival on 10th August).

13 August

Sits for the Austrian painter Johann Heinrich Schramm. Sends his autobiography to Lorck.

15 August

Departure from Frankfurt via Eisenach (hiking trip to Wartburg) and Erfurth to Weimar (arrival on 19th August). Is lodged at Schloss Ettersburg, the castle of the hereditary grand duke. Visits Eckermann. Finds it difficult to take the exaggerated declarations of friendship offered by the hereditary duke seriously, although he is fair in judgement (the diary, 23rd August) when they discuss politics, i.e. discuss the problems stemming from the Danish-German situation. Is introduced to King Willem II of the Netherlands at the castle Schloss Belvedere.

3 September

Departure from Weimar with stops in Jena and Leipzig, then via Hanover, Braunschweig and Bremen to Oldenburg.

18 September

HCA is made a knight of the Order of The Dannebrog.

19th September-4th October

Staying in Oldenburg. From here via Bremen and Hamburg to Kiel, where he visits Hauch, who is a professor at the university there. Travels (on 12th October) aboard the steamship Hekla back to Copenhagen.


Jørgen Sonne draws HCA for the frieze which is to adorn the outside of the Thorvaldsen museum and which portrays Thorvaldsen's reception upon his homecoming to Copenhagen.

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