From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


The Autobiography Is Finished

Spring: (presumably)

A collection in German titled Gedichte von Andersen (Poems by Andersen) is published. Heinrich Zeise is the translator, and as an introduction it includes P.L. Møller's biography of HCA, taken from the magazine Dansk Pantheon. Also included is a dedication poem with 8 stanzas, signed H.B. to HCA (J.G. Naeck's Publishing House, Kiel).


Caroline Peachey's translation of HCA fairy-tales is published by William Pickering, London, titled Danish Fairy Legends and Tales.

1 May

Travels with Count Paar from Rome to Naples. Here he continues working on the biography for Lorck. Goes on outings to Sorrento, Capri, Herkulanum, Baiae and Portici. The impressions from Naples during the overwhelming heat inspire HCA to start the story "Skyggen" (The Shadow)

12 May

First performance (at the Royal Theatre) and publication of Liden Kirsten (Little Kirsten, original, romantic Ballad Opera in one Act) (with music by J.P.E. Hartmann, choreography originally by P. Larcher, later by August Bournonville). The opera, based on a folk song called "Mr Sverkel", is performed 65 times during HCA's life.
HCA had sent it to the directors of the theatre as early as February 1835, at that time with music by Bredahl.


Release of a new collection of fairy-tales by Charles Boner, illustrated by Count Pocci: The Nightingale, and other Tales from Joseph Cundall Publishers, London.

19 June

HCA's friend from the early years, Henriette (Jette) Hanck, dies.

1846: The Autobiography Is Finished

23 June

Takes the steamship Castor from Naples to Marseilles, where HCA meets the violinist Ole Bull. Continues from Marseilles (30th) via Arles to Nîmes, where he stops off (1st July) to see the poet and baker Jean Reboul ("It seemed to me that the whole bakery set-up here was a masquerade", the diary). On the wall he notices two pictures for Reboul's poem, "The Dying Child", a possible source of inspiration (amongst others) for HCA's "Historien om en Moder" (The Story of A Mother).

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