From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


15 August

Attends the opening of Tivoli Gardens. Greatly inspired by the Chinese buildings etc., HCA returns home after another visit to Tivoli on 11th October and writes "Nattergalen" (The Nightingale) (in just two days).

16 August

Because of a suggestion that HCA should accompany Thorvaldsens daughter, Elisa Paulsen (who had become a widow) and grandchild (9 year old Alberto) on a journey back to Italy, and further more in a “teacher role” for the boy, HCA this day writes to Jonas Collin, incensed by the humiliating situation that he feels in in relation to his home country and the status he has in Germany: “For the Germans I am the most known and most recognized poet of the people of Denmark, what status I really deserve is not to be decided here [He puts in this remark to avoid an objection from Jonas Collin and the Collin family, since they would never recognize such an estimation of him], but it would look kind of poor to the Germans, me trudging through there country as a little boys teacher [...] i feel an ill-will towards my home country, an ill-will that is almost as great as the one shown to me here as a poet. - I can talk honest to you, I think that Denmark, as it is disclosed in Copenhagen - the heart of the country, is a land where the people are small “corsair children” [here referring to M.A. Goldschmidts satiric opposition magazine The Corsair], they only live to find pettiness and failures at any prominent personality. -”

24 August

Goes to Bregentved. Returns on 27th August.

9th-20th August

Jenny Lind, the famed Swedish singer, is in Copenhagen. HCA spends time with her almost every day, both privately and at her performances. He is very infatuated in her.

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