From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Sees Riborg Voigt Again

20 April

Agnete og Havmanden (Agnes and The Merman) is performed at the Royal Theatre and is not well received by the audience. HCA reads about this on the 24th and receives a letter about it on the 26th, which results in feelings of great bitterness towards Denmark. The play is performed twice only.

8 May

Departure from Paris to Strasbourg, on from here on 11th May along the Rhine to Mannheim. Then travels from here by train to Heidelberg (11th May). In Heidelberg, he receives no less than two newly released German editions of The Bazaar from the publishers Vieweg and Christianis. The trip then goes back to Mannheim again on the following day. Travels from Mannheim along the Rhine to Mainz and from there by train to Frankfurt.

13 May

Arrives in Frankfurt. Here he meets Fr. baron Von Pechlin, the Danish Ambassador to the Federal Assembly in Frankfurt and titular Privy Councillor, who was also a lyrical poet.

16 May

Departs from Frankfurt, travelling via Mainz, Wiesbaden, Binge and St. Goar (where HCA on 18th May visits the poet Ferdinand Freiligrath (a radical lyrical poet of "The young Germany") who is very enthusiastic about HCA's three novels, as well as "The Little Mermaid". He also mentions that "in Germany, he is considered the most esteemed writer" (the diary). The trip continues through Koblenz, Bonn (where he visits the poet Ernst Moritz Arndt on 19th May and on the same occasion meets Emanuel Geibel, the lyrical poet), Cologne, Düsseldorf, Münster, Oldenburg and Hamburg (where HCA visits the poet K. Fr. Th. Lobedanz on 30th May). Continues on 2nd June via Itzehoe to Breitenburg.

2nd to 13th June

At Breitenburg. From here he travels on to Kiel and then to Copenhagen, aboard the steamship Christian VIII.

1843: Sees Riborg Voigt Again

15 June

Arrives home in Copenhagen.

23 June

Leaves for Sorø to see the Ingemanns. Also visits the Hauchs. Continues on 27th to Korsør and from here on 28th to Odense and Langesø. Stays at Langesø Estate from 28th June until 7th July, including outings to Middelfart, Hindsgavl and Odense. On 7th July, drives to Hvidkilde Estate via Odense and from here on 8th to Holstenhus Estate, where he sees Riborg Voigt on the 9th, at a celebration for the estate employees, accompanied by her husband and children. Continues to Fåborg (the Voigts') and from here to Glorup Estate, where he stays from 10th-31st July. Outings are made from Glorup to Holstenhus, to the Voigts' in Fåborg and to Hvidkilde. Leaves Glorup on 31st, travelling via Ringsted to Bregentved (arrival on 1st August). From here he continues on 14th August, passing through Køge to reach Copenhagen.

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