From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


8 October

The composer C.E.F. Weyse died. This occasioned the following comment from Hans Christian Andersen in The Story of My Life, where he called him "my first noble protector; we met often at Wulffs in those early times, collaborated on Kenilworth, but nevertheless did not become close friends; his life was lonely like mine, and yet people liked to see him, as I believe many do me; but I have the nature of migratory birds and fly out over Europe, his longest excursion was to Roskilde, where in a certain family circle he felt at home, where he had the organ of the Cathedral to improvise on, at Roskilde is still his grave. He would not entertain the idea of going any further, I remember his humour, when after my return from Greece and Constantinople I called on him. 'Look, now you are no further than I!' he said. 'You have arrived in Kronprindsessegade and are looking at Kongenshave, so do I, and you have thrown away all that money. If you want to travel, travel to Roskilde, wait till there are trips to moons and planets!"

25 October

Earliest mention in an almanac of getting acquainted with the critic P.L.Møller (although they must have known each other some time before this). At this time, P.L. Møller is one of the most progressive critics of Danish literature, an opponent of Heiberg, a secret employee at Goldsmidt's publication Corsaren and a good moral support for HCA and Blicher, who were outsiders on the literary scene.

22 December

Christmas journey to Bregentved Estate. In a letter written here to Edvard Collin on Christmas Day, he tallies up his finances, including what he is able to procure by pawning his ring (180 rdl.) as well as an expected payment of 200 rdl. from Reitzel (presumably additional payment for En Digters Bazar (A Poets Bazaar).

28 December

On to Gisselfeldt Estate.

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