From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


En Digters Bazar (A Poet's Bazaar)

1 April

Hears Clara Wieck Schumann play privately as well as on 3rd April at a public concert (for which HCA had received a ticket from her). Accompanies her to Hartmann's (7th April), to her 2nd concert (10th April) and to her concert at Hotel d'Angleterre (14th April).

7th -23rd April

Sits for the painter J.V. Gertner. Presumably it is this drawing which is used for Gertner's coronation painting from 1846, which once again includes HCA. Gertner had the painting exhibited in the same year, along with the other preliminary studies (i.e. the portrait) for the coronation painting. He also wished to make an engraving of it, but HCA was furious about the painting. He felt it made him look like the inmate of a madhouse (letter to Carl B.Lorck 24th July 1846). Before his journey in Europe - i.e. either in December 42 or in January 43 - HCA demanded that the painting be retouched before any engraving was made:

"I then had him erase the humpy shoulders and remove some of the grinning expressions"
(the letter to Lorck).

1842: En Digters Bazar (A Poet's Bazaar)

24 April

Meets with the politician Orla Lehmann, who had been released from prison.

30 April

Publication of A Poet's Bazaar, the book describing HCA's great journey through Europe to the Orient. This is HCA's first travel book, in every respect a work intended to measure up to European standards. A brilliant journalistic portrayal of culture, technology (the railway journey) and folk life.

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