From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


9 December

Is drawn by Lieutenant Sophus Schack for a large painting, "The Coronation". It is one of several paintings produced for the occasion of King Christian VII's coronation and anointment on 28th June, 1840, in the church of Frederiksborg Castle. HCA was not present inside the church itself, during the ceremony, but was represented amongst the almost 80 persons in the painting all the same (he is situated under the organ). The painting was completed in 1843.
Kun en Spillemand (Only a Fiddler) is released in a new Dutch translation.

19 December

Stage Production of A Wander though the Opera Gallery, Declamatory Frame for a Stage Series of Works by Older and Newer Composers of the Danish Stage. Arranged for Evening Entertainment for Messrs. Cettis and Sahlertz at the Royal Theatre, 19th December 1841. The title in Danish: Vandring gjennem Opera-Galleriet, declamatorisk Ramme for en Scene- Række af ældre og nyere Componisters Arbejder paa den danske Scene. Arrangeret til Hr. Cettis og Sahlertz Aftenunderholdning paa det kongelige Teater, den 19'de December 1841.

20 December

Release of Eventyr, fortalte for Børn. Ny samling. Tredie Hefte (Tales, Told for Children. New Collection. Third Booklet). Includes: "Willie Winkie" ("Ole Lukoie"), "The Rose Alf" ("Rosen-Alfen"), "The Swineherd" ("Svinedrengen") and "The Buckwheat" ("Boghveden"). 2nd edition in 1847.

26th December:
Vandring gjennem Opera-Galleriet (Wandering through the Opera Gallery) is printed in Figaro, Vol. 2., 13th booklet.

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