From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Getting to Know Liszt

2 July

Sits for the painter C.C. Vogel von Vogelstein, who draws HCA for the royal collection.

3 July

Departs Dresden by railway, headed for Leipzig, where HCA visits the Mendelssohns and the Brockhaus family and meets Goethe's daughter-in-law, Ottilie von Geothe. On 5th July, Mendelssohn plays some organ pieces by Bach and some of his own for HCA at Thomas Kirche. (It was Mendelssohn who had rediscovered Bach, so to speak). Visits the publisher Carl B. Lorck, who he knew from Copenhagen (Lorck the Dane was a publisher in Leipzig and became HCA's regular publishing contact between 1846-1855).

6ht July

Departure from Leipzig via Magdeburg and from here with the steamship Hamburg to Lauenburg (diary, 8th July: "I am in Denmark"), and Hamburg, where he spends time with the composer J.P.E. Hartman, amongst others.

12 July

Leaves Hamburg for Kiel, aboard the steamship "Løven" (the Lion). Bound for Årøsund, and from here via Assens t Odense.

14-17th July

In Odense. Visits the Hancks, amongst others.

17 July

A carriage is sent from Glorup Estate to fetch him. Stays here till 21st July. Visits the neighbouring farm, Ørbæklunde (20th July).

1841: Getting to Know Liszt

22 July

Return to Copenhagen.

24 July

Attends a concert with Liszt in Copenhagen. Spends time with Liszt during the next few days (before Liszt's departure on 26th) e.g. at the Hartmanns', in Thorvaldsen's studio and at the queen's residence.

30 September

During a dinner party at the Collins' - at a time when HCA is in a "bad mood" - Bournonville holds "an enthusiastic and motivating speech for me". Afterwards, HCA visits the Bournonville home.

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