From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


19 October

Release of Eventyr fortalte for Børn. Ny Samling. Andet Hefte (Tales, Told for Children. New Collection. Second booklet). Included are: "Paradisets Have" (The Garden of Paradise), "Den flyvende Koffert" (The Flying Trunk) and "Storkene" (The Storks). 2nd edition issued in 1847.

The end of this year

Publication of the first collection of HCA fairy-tales in German: Märchen und Erzählungen für Kinder von H.C. Andersen. Aus dem Dän. Übersetzt von Major von Jenssen, dated 1840. Published by Vieweg und Sohn in Braunschweig. Only a few - rather negative - reviews of the book are known to exist. When a second edition is released in 1840, the few registered reviews are more positive. The translated texts include: "Das Feuerzeug" (The Tinderbox), Der Reisegefährte", (The Travelling Companion) "Die Prinzessin auf Erbsen" (The Princess on the Pea), "Ellise", "Die Blumen der kleine Ida"(Little Ida's Flowers), "Der kleine Klaus und der grosse Klaus" (Little Claus and Big Claus), "Der böse Knabe" (The Angry Boy), "Des Kaisers neue Kleider" (TheEmperor's New Clothes), "Das kleine Meerweib" (The Little Mermaid) and the poem "Zombi hat's gemacht" (The Zombie Did It).

3 December

Scheduled first performance of Mulatten (The Mulatto), cancelled due to the death of King Frederik VI.

20 December

Billedbog uden Billeder (Picture Book without Pictures) is published (contains the first 20 evenings).

31 December

3rd edition of Fodreise (A Walking Tour) is released.

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