From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


6 July

Hears the orchestra of Johann Strauss, senior:

"In Hitzing I saw and heard Strauss, as he stood there in the midst of his orchestra, like the heart of the entire positive organ, it was as though the melodies streamed through him, out of every limb, he eyes lit up, he was the source of life and the leader here, that was clear".

8 July

Departure from Vienna to Prague (11-14th July). From here via Teplitz, Dresden and Potsdam to Berlin (24-26th July).

24 July

Visits Chamisso. His collected poems have just been released and include translations of:

"3 of his favourite poets, and these are: Victor Hugo, Béranger and H.C. Andersen. Of my work, his book includes: 1) "Little Lise at the Well"["Lille Lise ved Brønden"], 2) "Violets in March"["Martsviolerne"], 3) "The Thief"["Tyveknægten"], 4) "The Soldier"["Soldaten"], and 5) "The Fiddler"["Spillemanden"]. I received a copy of the beautifully bound book, and my arrival in Berlin was announced in one of the aesthetic magazines"
(letter to Henriette Wulff dated 1st August).

26 July

Departure from Berlin. Via Hamburg and Kiel and from here with the steamship Frederik VI back to Copenhagen (arrival 3rd August).


Stays temporarily with Commander Wulff at the Naval Academy, in Bredgade.

A visit to the Ingemanns in Sorø.

1 September

Moves in at 280 Nyhavn, now no. 20, on the 2nd floor, lodging with Karen Sophie Larsen, for the price of 8 rdl. a month.

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