From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Ballad Opera, Opera
Levnedsbogen (The Biography)

1832: Ballad Opera, Opera

January - February

A German translation of the fairy-tale "Dødningen"(The Ghost) is printed in Kopenhagener Börsenhalle, Mittheilungen aus dem Norden, edited by Fr. Thaaurup.


HCA develops an infatuation for Louise Collin.

3 May

Publication of Bruden fra Lammermoor. Originalt romantisk Syngestykke i fire Acter. Musikken componeret af I. Bredal (The Bride of Lammermoor. Original Romantic Ballad Opera in Four Acts. Music composed by I. Bredal)

5 May

First performance at the Royal Theatre of The Bride of Lammermoor. Performed 8 times during HCA's life.


Prince Christian (later King Christian VIII) visits the almshouse Doctors Boder in Odense and asks to see HCA's mother. Tells her that she has reason to be very proud of her son.

22 June

Departure on a summer trip to Sorø, Odense/Funen and the manor-house Nørager, where HCA stays for 14 days.

2nd - 17th July

In Odense, staying with Colonel Høegh-Guldberg. Pays the last visit to his mother.

17th July - approx. 1st August

Visits several estates on Funen: Lykkesholm (where he feels that the young Mrs Lindegaard makes almost too much fuss over him and is willing to fulfil his every wish), also Bramstrup and Hofmansgave.

1st - 4th August

Once again in Odense, staying with Høegh-Guldberg. Visits Sanderum Estate near Odense. The last few days on Funen are spent at Hofmansgave.

1832: Levnedsbogen (The Biography)

29 August

Return to Copenhagen.


Working on the final part of the - incomplete - manuscript of memoirs, which did not come to the attention of researchers or of the public until 1926, when Hans Brix, professor of literature and HCA-researcher came across it at the Royal Library and published it under the name of Levnedsbogen (The Biography).

26 October

Publication of The Raven or The Test of Brotherhood. Magic Opera in Three Acts, (based on Gozzi's tragi-comic fairy-tale). Music composed by J.P.E. Hartmann. The title in Danish: Ravnen eller Broderprøven. Trylleopera i tre Acter, (efter Gozzis tragicomiske Eventyr). Musikken componeret af J.P.E. Hartmann.

In 1840, Robert Schumann commented on The Raven in Neue Zeitschrift für Musik:

"The writer has produced a magic opera, but not a stupid, childish one, such as those with which German composers so often have to make do. Rather it is a text marked by comprehension and meaning, and yes, even by poetry. One finds in it thoughts which are truly worthy of a poet, in fact of a remarkable life. The dialogue is also characterised by intellect and wit".

27 October

The poem "Lille Viggo, vil du ride Ranke?" (Little Viggo) - (written for Viggo Drewsen, born 1830) is printed in the magazine Nyeste Repertorium for Moerskabslæsning.

29 October

First performance at the Royal Theatre of Ravnen (The Raven) - "in honour of Her Majesty The Queen and Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess's esteemed birthday". The opera is performed a total of 10 times during HCA's life.

7 December

Applies for a travel grant from the fund ad usus publicos (the royal fund which supports art and science).

18 December

Release of the collection of poems: Aarets tolv Maaneder, tegnede med Blæk og Pen (The Twelve Months of the Year, Portrayed in Ink and Pen) which HCA presents to King Frederik VI, taking the opportunity to inform the king of his need to undertake a lengthy journey of personal development or "bildung".

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