From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Private Lessons in Copenhagen

1827: Private Lessons in Copenhagen


Collin takes HCA out of Meisling's school.

18 April

HCA moves to Copenhagen, where he lives in a rented room in the attic in Vingårdsstræde 132 (later no. 6). He is tutored privately in preparation for the Danish equivalent of the General Certificate of Education (England) or high school graduation (USA) by the theologian and historian Ludvig Christian Müller (who moved out to Christianshavn). The walks out there provide inspiration for Fodreise (A Walking Tour).
It is at this time that HCA develops a custom which remains in his life for many years; he is a regular dinner guest at the homes of various families, in the early days as an act of kindness towards the poor student, whereas later he is an enlivening focal point and a guest of honour.
At this early stage his dinner rotation is as follows; Mondays at Commander Wulff's home, Tuesdays at the Collins', Wednesdays with G.H. Olsen, titular Councillor of State and member of the theatre's board of directors, Thursdays with Widow Friederikke Müffelmann (her sister Martha had been a housekeeper at the Meisling home in Slagelse, while HCA went to school there), Fridays with H.C. Ørsted, Saturdays with Jonathan Balling (warehouse administrator at the Royal Greenland Chamber of Commerce). HCA keeps Sundays free, as he is often invited out.

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