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Faith, superstition, ritual, myth

Example :

My mother lit a fire and roasted the onions she had brought with her; then my sister and I slept among the thyme, with no fear of the wolf or the jackal, not to mention fear of the ugly, fire-breathing smidraki, for my mother sat beside us, and this I believed was enough.

Comment on this quote: Smidraki is, according to Ferdinand Fenger: Om det nygræske Folk og Sprog (1832), a book, according to Allan Lund, cf. "Nogle græske elementer i novellen 'Venskabspagten' og deres tilblivelse", Anderseniana, 3. rk., 1:3, 1972, s. 310-12, Andersen read and used to create greek local colour in the tale, a sort of beast which the herds knew and feared. It rises, when you slaughter a sheep and cuts it open, but neglects to cut up the inner stomach (koilia), where the herbs, which the sheep has eaten, are. Some say that it looks like a dog or a wolf, with fire coming out the mouth. This information comes from H.C. Andersens eventyr, DSL/Borgen 1990, vol. 7 p. 231.