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The motif Madonna is a part of: Saint

See also Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit


Madonna, Maria, The Mother of God (Jesus)

Description of this motif: Madonna, Jesus' mother according to the Bible, plays a great role in Catholicism, in which she is worshipped as a saint.

Example :

The old fellows of the street seldom gathered together; each remained in his own booth, which was shut up early every evening and then looked dark indeed, with only a faint ray of light showing through the little horn windowpane on the roof. Inside, the old clerk would be sitting on his bed, chanting the evening psalm from his German hymnbook, or he would be mulling over his household matters until far into the night; it was not a very pleasant life, by any means. The lot of a stranger in a strange land is a hard one; nobody pays any attention to one, unless he happens to get in the way.

When in the darkness of night, rain and sleet engulfed the street, this was a very gloomy and deserted place. There were no lamps here then, except a very small one that hung under the picture of the Blessed Virgin that was painted on the wall at one end of the street.