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Description of this motif:

Whitsun(tide) falls at the the 50. day efter påske. Greek pentakostê means "50th day". In the ancient Israel Whitsun related to the wheat harvest, in Judaism its core became the momory of the giving of the commandments on Sinai. For the christians whitsun is the setting around the celebration of the Holy Spirit, which was given the apostles. Whitsun became, aside with Christmas and Easter, the third great Christian feast.

The Holy Spirit enabled the apostles to speak other languages, so that they could kunne spread Christianity as a universal message. Whitsun thus marks the beginning of Christian mission and the birthday feast of the church

Source: Gads Religionsleksikon, 1999.

Example :

"(...) Möllers' Emil, as we called him then; yes, he was your grandfather, my late husband, the dean. He was a student at Sorö then, and had just passed his second examination.

(...) Then he went to Sorö and found Emil there. You can imagine how glad we were to see him, and he to see us. He was so thoughtful and charming; he took us to see the church, and the graves of Absalon and Holberg; (...) It was almost Whitsuntide, and he promised that in a few days he would be in Copenhagen to join us and his family. Ah, those few hours in Sorö and at the Crab Inn I count among the choicest pearls of my life!

"Next morning we again started very early, for we had a long trip to Roskilde, where we wanted to see the church and Father wanted to visit an old school friend that evening.