Dato: 11. oktober 1872
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Riverside, Cambridge, Mass. 11 October 1872


My dear and honored friend

It was not long af ter sending my letter of 21 Augt. that I received your pleasant letter of 22d Augt. and then quite recently that of 12 Sept. with their separate stories. I have translated "Tante Tandpine" and "Eventyr bogen" and shallat once take up "Loppen og Professoren" and shall also translate the little souvenir of travel "Nürnberg" You are giving us an abundance of good things. I am delighted especially with "Eventyr bogen" ["The Cripple"] which seems to me in one of your happiest veins. I find that I read your writing even easier than that of your copyist. It is necessarily slow work for me both to read and to translate and I fear that sometimes I am not exact, but I try to think aloud in English to correspond with your Danish thinking. After all, in translating humor, one roust needs himself have humor, else his literal rendering would only destroy and not keep alive. I aim to say over again what you say, as I think you would have said it, had you been English or American.

I do not seem to have received the "Fortællinger af Krohn" of which you speak. Please send me by all means the new photograph of yourself of which you speak, and if you have good opportunity, the biscuit-bust. These likenesses are highly treasured by us and are of use also in affording new likenesses as frontispieces etc.

I will take an early opportunity of sending you two copies of a new edition of The Story of My Life which we shall soon issue. This edition will be free from some of the errors which disfigured the first, the book having been carefully revised by Mr. Bagger.

Pray pardon my delay in writing. You will not be surprised that my mind has been pretty well occupied when I tell you, what your friendly words make roe think will interest you, that I have lately become betrothed. This gives me great happiness-but it also absorbs my time largely but so it has been since the beginning of the world, and so may it ever be!

Ever, my dear friend,

your sincerely attached

and grateful friend


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