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Dato: 21. august 1872
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Riverside, Cam bridge, Mass. 21 August 1872

My dear Mr. Andersen

I had just written to you when your pleasant letter of 26 July came, with "Tante Tandpine." I am very glad to get it, and as I am just about taking a little vacation I shall have an excellent opportunity for translating it.

"Marian Douglas" is the nom de plume of Miss Annie D. Green, Bristol, New Hampshire, U. S. A. and I am sure Miss Green would be most grateful for any word from you. She is a very modest, pleasing writer and her little poems and stories have been quite popular. Yet she never has disfigured her work by trying to make it please everybody. She has aimed to be true and simple.

With the best of good wishes

Sincerely yours


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