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Dato: 3. december 1868
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Riverside, Cambridge, Mass. 3 December 1868

Dear Sir:

It was with great pleasure that I received day before yesterday your favour of 12th ulto. The parcel of books reached me almost at the same time, and I write to thank you for sending them so promptly as I shall now be able at once to proceed with the first volume of your collected works, which I shall push forward as rapidly as is consistent with good literary and mechanical workmanship. The remaining four volumes I shall daily look for.

No difficulty need arise from any use which we may make here of the English translations, anad we shall be careful not to compromise youo in any way, as we regard your interest and your own as identical.

I thank you for the great consideration you show in withholding the "Court Cards" until informed of its publication here. It will be published next week, and I send you by this mail a copy of the sheet (1/3 of the number) containing the story.

The remittance sent was intended to cover the four stories sent by you. Although I was aware that one only was secure to us; but you were at the trouble of sending the others and I desired to make some acknowledgement of your courtesy. I sincerely trust that you may be able without longer delay to furnish me with other stories, for use in the magazine, as children look eagerly to each number for a new story by you. It is not necessary that these should always be sent me so long in advance of publication in Denmark, - although of course you secure us best by such a plan. But if when writing a story, you send us a transcript and hold back the first copy for six weeks or so, I think there would be no difficulty and we should regard your Ms as original copy, and pay for it accordingly.

We are very glad to learn of the promise of the "Dryad." Immediately on its arrival it will be made ready for publication, although I fear it may reach us too late for publication at the coming holiday season.

The January number of the magazine which will be sent you next week will contain also a little sketch of your life, which I compiled from the earlier biography. The portrait on wood is from a recent photograph which a brother of mine sent me some little time since from Copenhagen. I had hoped to receive one from you in season, but was forced to have recourse to this. I trust that it will be found a good likeness.

Messrs. Hurd and Houghton unite with me in sincere respects.

Dear Sir Faithfully yours


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