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Dato: 8. juli 1854
Fra: Hubert Smith   Til: H.C. Andersen

[uddrag fra Bredsdorffs bog]

On my return home from a voyage round the World I found a copy of your Work entitled "A Poet's Day Dreams" awaiting me at my residence, it came last year, and I now take the opportunity to return you my thanks for your kind and esteemed present; i have read it more than once with pleasure and remembrance, I admire the spirit which pervades it. There is a homily in each tale and yeet so truthful and delicate are the allusions made, that I am sure, whilst all must feel in some way concerned and interested, none can be pained, even thoug some thoughts expressed may seem applicable to themselves. It must be appreciated by those who peruse it, and the purity of the sentiments which you have so beautifully woven into simple narrative cannot fail to open the Heart and direct the ideas to the beneficence of the Creator [...] [efter lang skildring af sin dramatiske jordomrejse:]

I don't know when you are coming to England but I trust you will remember that I shall be glad to see you when you find it convenient to pay me a visit. I hope you won't scruple to come, you shall have a hearty welcome, I don't think you will be disappointed by the scenery and I will meet you at the Railway. Trusting you are well and with kind regards ...

Hubert Smith

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