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Dato: 12. september 1848
Fra: Richard Bentley   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

New Burlington Street. Sept. 12, 1848.

My dear Friend,

I have received this moment your letter of the 31st August. My reply to your former letter no doubt you have now received. In it I mentioned that the volume would scarcely contain sufficient number of pages and I desired if it were possible that the work should not make an unusual appearance in that respect from others. I hope this hint arrived in time, to suggest something to you to prevent it.

Your corrections I will take great care to make; as well as to announce the German edition. I propose to publish here the last week of the present month of September, when I trust business will wear a lighter aspect than it has done for some time past. We sympathize in the universal misery of the world at the present moment, although we have been mercifully preserved from the terms into which your unhappy Country has been plunged by the wickedness of the Germans. Denmark has well sustained her glorious name; and has won respect even from her bitterest enemies.

You shall hear again before I publish, and I will send a copy to you through his Excellency Count Reventlow if he will take charge of it. Perhaps when you next write you will let me know to whom you would desire copies to be sent in your name. I shaH read your book with great interest in common with all your friends.

That portion of my family who are with me desire to be most kindly remembered to you. My daughter and eldest son are travelling in Wales and are in raptures with the magnificence of the scenery.

I notice what you say about Mr Lorck, and will address myself to any communication he may make. I shall expect with pleasure the new letter for Miscellany you kindly promise me. And now, my dear Sir, wishing health and all othei: comfort to enable you to acquire fresh laurels by your literary production, I remain

your very sincere friend,

Richard Bentley.

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